WITS Feeder Conference on Security and Risk in SMAC and Cyber-Physical Systems

Transforming Business in a Secure Way

May 25-27, 2017

College of Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona
Pomona, California, USA

Submission deadline: May 15 (full paper or extended abstract with no page restrictions)

hosted by

The Mitchell C. Hill Center for Applied Business IT
Center of Information Assurance

About the Conference

SMAC and Cyber-Physical Systems

Today’s business is being transformed by digital technologies characterized by the proliferation of always-connected mobile devices and apps, the widespread usage of social media, the maximization of the data value through analytics, and the virtualization of computing resources in the cloud. The confluence of social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing is collectively referred to as the SMAC stack which provides the next-generation IT architecture. The SMAC stack is now being labeled as the Third Platform of Computing by IDC, the Nexus of Forces by Gartner, and the Fifth Wave of Corporate IT by many technology futurists. Intimately tied to the SMAC stack are cyber-physical systems (CPS), including Internet-of-Things. CPS are the enabling computer-based algorithms, devices, and networks behind many SMAC applications, and these create tight integration with SMAC application users through control and monitoring.

With the SMAC/CPS technologies, the mobile devices and apps are building ubiquitous connectivity for marketplaces, social media is reshaping the relationships between business constituencies, analytics are providing deeper insights to enable informed business decisions, and the cloud is changing the way we compute, store and share business data. The SMAC/CPS technologies today are reengineering business operations, reinventing business models, and driving corporate strategies and innovations. However, the disruptive nature of these technologies often outpaces an organization’s ability to properly assess the associated risks. Given that so many different systems are developed and interconnected in the SMAC stack, the attack surface expands and security breaches are only expected to increase. To counter this eventuality, organizations need a robust enterprise security strategy in place. As business leaders are eager to integrate SMAC platforms to stay competitive, their efforts have to be balanced with strong security policies.

The Conference

Jointed by the Center of Information Assurance, the Mitchell C. Hill Center for Applied Business Information Technology (MCHABIT) is proud to sponsor the “WITS Feeder Workshop on Security and Risk in SMAC and Cyber-Physical Systems” at Cal Poly Pomona. Cal Poly Pomona has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education and the MCHABIT’s mission is to provide a focal point and leadership role in applied business information technology through polytechnic education, applied research, and industry partnership.

Additionally, the conference is intended to serve as a feeder conference for Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS). The goal of the feeder conference is to provide feedback to participants to improve and enhance submissions to the WITS conference held in December. Many papers presented at WITS routinely advance to publications in top-tier MIS journal outlets.

To facilitate extreme interaction, the conference will try technology-enabled interaction before, during, and after the conference. Additionally, the conference will feature industry speakers and sessions for research tools and demos in the SMAC stack. All papers will be posted to a password protected site ahead of time. All audience members will be expected to have laptops or smart devices up during presentations, and should post comments and generate ideas on the fly.



Check-in at Kellogg West front desk


8:00-9:00 at CBA 164-1080
9:00-11:00 at CBA 163

Research Paper Sessions I

  • The Dark Side of Third-Party Partners: An Empirical Analysis
    R. Gopal, H. Hidaji, E. Rolland, R. Patterson and D. Zhdanov
  • When hackers trade: a dynamic model of dark market equilibrium
    D. Zhdanov and F. Xue


Research Paper Sessions II

  • Optimal Configuration of Intrusion Detection Systems
    H. Cavusoglu, B. Mishra and S. Rangunathan
  • A Descriptive Analysis of Dark Net Academic Journals from 2010-2017 Using KH Coder
    P. Nattuthurai, W. Wang and X. Yang
  • Innovation vs. Security: Customer Demand Reaction to Adverse Events and Industry Innovation
    M. Lisa Yeo, Raymond A. Patterson, Jackie Rees Ulmer and Erik Rolland

Keynote & Lunch

Diane Miller
Director, InfoSec Operations and Identity Management
Director, Global Cyber Education and Workforce Development Programs
Director, Global Cyber Education and Workforce Development Programs
Northrop Grumman

Research Tools & Demo

  • IBM Watson Security - Dr. Dan Manson
  • Student-run Data CenterDr. Ron Pike
  • Security Forensic Lab - Dr. Greg Carlton

Research Paper Sessions III

  • Patient Empowerment through Role-Based Access Control Mechanism for patients in Health Information Exchanges
    M. Abdelhamid, R. Sharman and R. Bezawada
  • HIPAA Omnibus Rule: Impact of Affiliated Entities on Covered Entities - Updated submission
    P. Mulgund, B. Sen, M. Gupta, R. Sharman and S. Subraminain
  • Managerial Perspectives Based Classification of Countermeasures Against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks - An Extended Abstract
    P. Mulgund, S. Venkatesan, M. Gupta and R. Sharman


Research Paper Sessions IV

  • Impact of Framing and Priming on Users' Behavior in Cybersecurity
    K. Sharma, F. Nah, M. Cheng, K. Siau and R. Hall
  • Information Security & Cloud Suppliers: How Customer Demand Reaction Shapes Supplier Choice Strategies
    H. Hidaji, B. Kolfal, R. Patterson, E. Rolland and L. Yeo


Shuttle to Kellogg House Pomona: 4:00-5:45 pm
Shuttle to Kellogg West Conference Center & Hotel after dinner: 9:00-9:15 pm


Arabian Horse Center

Shuttle pick up at KW lobby to the Arabian Horse Center: 10:45-11:00 AM


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Dodgers Game

Transport to Dodger statum: 2:00-3:00 PM

Paper Submission


Serving as a feeder workshop for the 2017 WITS conference in Seoul, South Korea, the purpose of the conference is to present and improve cutting edge work, as well as to lay the foundation for future work in this emerging area of research.

The top 3 papers will automatically be accepted to the 2017 WITS conference and all papers will be considered for a special issue of Information Technology and Management on SMAC and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Two nights hotel and all meals will be provided for 25 conference participants.

Important Dates

Full paper or extended abstract with no page restrictions: May 15, 2017
Please submit your paper to the Easy Chair Conference System

Keynote Speaker

Diane Miller

Diane Miller is the director of InfoSec Operations and Identity Management at Northrop Grumman and director, Global Cyber Education and Workforce Development Programs for the company.

As director, Infosec Operations and Identity Management, Ms. Miller ensures effective operational leadership of the Information Security function for Northrop Grumman’s Global Network and leads all aspects of both assured identity and identity provisioning for the company’s employees and business partners.

As director, Global Cyber Education and Workforce Development Programs, Ms. Miller is the focal point for the corporation’s global cybersecurity education, outreach and workforce development initiatives. She leads the Northrop Grumman Foundation’s role as presenting sponsor of CyberPatriot, the National Youth Cyber Education program created by the Air Force Association, and manages the company’s role - in partnership with Cyber Security Challenge UK - to run CyberCenturion, the UK’s first team-based cyber competition for 12 – 18-year olds. She also leads the company’s role in CyberArabia, a cyber competition and training session for students across Saudi universities. Ms. Miller is a nationally recognized speaker on the need to educate and develop a diverse highly-talented cyber workforce. She is active in numerous federal and state/local boards, academic institutions and not-for-profit entities and participates in several public-private partnerships to advance global STEM and cyber workforce initiatives.

Previously, Ms. Miller was the group director of Programs for the Enterprise Infrastructure group of Northrop Grumman’s Information Technology sector. In this role, Ms. Miller increased stakeholder value through excellent program performance. She was responsible for establishing the processes, methods and tools that enable quantitative management and successful execution of our complex programs. She was also responsible for ensuring alignment of program management capabilities with current and future business needs.

Ms. Miller has more than 30 years of experience in the development of client solutions through the application of information technologies. Ms. Miller is an experienced leader in organizational change and strategic improvement using key initiatives such as Program Management Body of Knowledge (PM BOK), Mission Assurance, Lean Six Sigma, CMMI Level 5, AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000.

Prior to joining Northrop Grumman in 1985, Ms. Miller was a senior systems analyst at McDonnell Douglas, serving as engineering-manufacturing interface for automated electrical system engineering and production and as lead for numerous process improvement initiatives.

Ms. Miller is a member of the Advisory Board for the IEEE Software Technology Conference, a member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, and a founding member of the National Software Council. For 12 years, she served on the Editorial Board of the Northrop Grumman Corporation Technology Review Journal. She is a member of the President’s Strategy Development Council for California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, the National Visiting Committee for the National Science Foundation’s National CyberWatch Center and CyberWatch West, and a member of the Education and Workforce Development Working Group at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of science degree in information systems from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She is a Certified Computing Professional (CCP), conferred by the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals, and is a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.


Room: 163-1005
3801 W. Temple Ave., Pomona, CA 91768

For further info and RSVP, please contact:
Dr. Drew Hwang, dhwang@cpp.edu
Dr. Ron Pike, rpike@cpp.edu
Dr. Dan Manson, dmanson@cpp.edu
Computer Information Systems
College of Business Administration
Cal Poly Pomona

CBA Building A one-day parking permit can be purchased at the information booth of Lot C, which is located in front of the CLA building, the one with the triangle top. campus map


Conference Organizing Chairs

Dr. Drew Hwang, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona, dhwang@cpp.edu
Dr. Ron Pike, Assistant Professor, Cal Poly Pomona, rpike@cpp.edu
Dr. Dan Manson, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona, dmanson@cpp.edu

Conference Program Chairs

Dr. Raymond A. Patterson, Professor, University of Calgary, Raymond.Patterson@ucalgary.ca
Dr. Erik Rolland, Dean, Cal Poly Pomona, erolland@cpp.edu

Conference Program Advisory Committee

Dr. Haldun Aytug, Professor, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida
Dr. Paulo Goes, Dean & Professor, Eller School of Management, University of Arizona
Dr. Ram Gopal, Professor, School of Business, University of Connecticut
Dr. Alan R. Hevner, Professor, University of South Florida
Dr. Varghese Jacob, Professor, Jindal School of Management, University of Teas at Dallas
Dr. Bora Kolfal, Associate Professor, Aberta School of Business, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Barry Mishra, Professor, University of California at Riverside
Dr. Vijay Mookerjee, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Dr. Raghu Santanam, Professor, Arizona State University
Dr. Sumit Sarkar, Professor, UT Dallas
Dr. Jackie Rees-Ulmer, Department Chair & Professor, Iowa State University
Dr. Dmitry Zhdanov, Assistant Professor, Georgia State University

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